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all we are is dust in the wind

i'm in a bad mood.
i don't really feel like writing it out in an online journal, but i'll just say that i hate the feeling of compromise.
and i have cramps.

so i'll give you a rundown of yesterday.
friday, i went with ronnie, ashley, and heather to visit high school. it was their first day.
we were there on the first day of high school.
yeah, we aren't afraid to admit we miss it.
it made me feel raelly nice because it seemed that all the teachers and administrators really missed us. it's a good feeling to feel like you made a difference to some people. to feel like working my ass off in high school has paid off in a way.
seeing all the new freshman look like deer in headlights was pretty fun, as well. i remember how scary my first day was.
i hope my first day of college isn't like that.
it was good feeling like a big fish in a small pond.
now i'm going to be like a minnow in niagra falls.
but i'm sure i'll work my way up.

so then i went to MS and spent the rest of the day with tom.
we saw anchorman (now my 3rd time seeing it) and we went to the mall there.
i drove home at like 1:30 AM...i'm really not sure how i made it home besides listening to Le Tigre's "Deceptacon" at full blast the whole way.

so yeah.
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