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mixtape tiime

so i burned a completely random CD today, but all the songs on it are really meaningful to me in one way or another. so i've decided to show you the list AND provide lyrics to the songs (i'm just THAT amazing):

1)Calico System::Two Lovers and a Tower (lyrics here)
2)Fear Before the March of Flames::Go Wash Your Mouth...I Don't Know Where It's Been (lyrics here)
3)Led Zeppelin::Ten Years Gone (lyrics here)
4)Le Tigre::The Empty (lyrics here)
5)A Jealousy Issue::Take A Picture, She'll Last Longer (lyrics here)
6)As Cities Burn::The Nothing That Kills
i will hold you head above the water while the current pulls me under
as long as you have breath, my dear,
i will dance with death

and i will hang my life in the space between
the noose and your neck
i won;t let you die just yet

i will love you even when you won't let me
and you will me by doing nothing
but i know it's not you, my dear, i know its not you
it's the nothing that kills

i cant save you
control is someting out of mine
i cant save you
control is something out of my control

i cant save you but i will love you
no, i cant save you but i will love you
i like to think that this is love
lost in second chances without end
this is romance

7)Every Time I Die::I've Been Gone A Long Time (lyrics here)
8)Daughters::The Ghost With the Most (lyrics here)
9)Guns n' Roses::Patience (lyrics here)
10)Evergreen Terrace::Sweet Nothings Gone Forever (lyrics here)
11)Across Five Aprils::A Year From Now (lyrics here)
12)Minus the Bear::I Lost All My Money At The Cock Fights (lyrics here)
13)The Pixies::Velouria (lyrics here)
14)Princess Superstar::Trouble (lyrics here)
15)The Bled::I Never Met Another Gemini (lyrics here)
16)Blondie::I Want That Man (lyrics here)
17)On Broken Wings::The Spawning of Progression (lyrics here)
18)It Dies Today::Marigold (lyrics here)
19)Minus the Bear::Let's Play Clowns! (lyrics here)
20)Embraced::A Glass Magnolia (lyrics here)
21)Fear Before the March of Flames::A Shoreline Perspective (lyrics here)
22)Funeral for a Friend::Red is the New Black (lyrics here)
23)Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza::Bill Dance Lands the Big One (lyrics here)
24)Le Tigre::Deceptacon (lyrics here)
25)Led Zeppelin::That's the Way (lyrics here)
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