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double post

sooo my birthday was friday, and as it turns out, it was also the day i moved into my dorm.
before we went to the school, my parents and i ate at this little cafe and everyone in there sang happy birthday to me, which was so sweet.
then we went to the school and waited like a billion hours for an elevator. my roommate wasn't in the room when we got there, but she had partially moved in already. i'm so glad i'm rooming with someone i know and like. we didn't talk about color schemes beforehand, but our colors match perfectly, hers are pink and orange, and mine are pink and green. whilr i was unpacking, sarah (my roommate) went down to get some alcohol and brought back 2 bottles of gin and 1 bottle of rum. of course, we proudly display these bottles on top of our desk, which is in plain view if anyone opens the door. soon, i'm going to put my hot pink high heels next to the bottles.
also, we are getting a shark tank. i'm not kidding. you wait and see.
also, i bought this neon sign that you can write shit on today.
and a hot pink trashcan.
our room is pretty tacky and obnoxious, and we love it.

anyway, after my parents left, sarah and lauren busted out my birthday presents which were totally sweet:
1)a shot glass that says "fuck you it's my birthday" on it
2)a silver flask that says "lush" on it (ahaha perfect for me)
3)a book with 365 different sexual positions in it (one for every day!)

so we filled my flask with parrot bay rum, made ourselves look hot, and got ready to go out and celebrate.
then sarah went to get stevie and sarah, stevie, and i went to adrienne's room and took shots from her AMAZING array of shot glasses from like, every state. i got florida, sarah got paris or something, and stevie got mississippi.
we pre-gamed our night of debauchery with shots of good ole southern comfort.
after that, sarah, adrienne, her friend david(?), stevie, lee, and i went to bourbon street. adrienne got a hand grenade for me (which are like 4254653757% alcohol but taste soooo good) and then i decided i wanted to go to a gay club. adrienne and her friend didn't want to go so it was just me, sarah, lee, and stevie.
along the way, stevie bought me a rose for my birthday. he's so sweet.
we got to the gay club and i was content watching the male strippers from outside the door, but the "bouncer" wanted us to come in.
we went in and talked to the bartenders and watched the male strippers and then decided to move to the dance floor.
by this time, we're all starting to feel the effects of the alcohol.

the 4 of us got on the stage and danced.
me and sarah were up against the wall feeling ourselves up when a guy with shots came by. we paid our $3 and sarah got her shot first. he put it in his mouth and made her take it from him and i was thinking "oh lord...please don't make me do that".
so he gets to me and puts the shot IN HIS G STRING and im going "wtf" but the alcohol is making me not care so much so i took it out of his g string with my mouth and drank it. i have no idea what it was, but it was dark red.

then we somehow wound up in the bathroom (just me and sarah) and took pictures.

then we wound up back on the dancefloor and i was singing along to songs i've never heard before in my life. don't ask me how.
sarah and i got sandwiched between 2 gay guys that were grinding on us.
we managed to get away but one of them grabbed me and we started dancing again.
i don't remember much about how we wound up outside after that, but we did.

i just remember asking sarah what was going on like 53652616 times.
and then i remember hugging a guy because it was his birthday too and he gave me mardi gras beads.

then i remember talking to a guy forever on the streetcar and then screaming "hey guy with no shirt on, i think that's cool" he had x's on his hands so i thought he was straight edge. i asked him. he wasn't.
then i remember being in my dorm room and having to pee but not being able to because there was puke on our toilet.
that's kinda all i remember.
if you were there last night, feel free to add to this post.


by the way, my new sn is __shecrashed
so add it.
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