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odd how people change

since all my friends have gone away to college and i haven't yet, and my car is in the shop so i can't go anywhere, i have had a lot of time to just sit. and think.
and observe.
in the past few months, i've noticed that i'm really good at taking things for their face value. i can usually tell in a 15 minute conversation if i like someone or not.
but anyway, i've been observing my friends and how college (and other things) are changing them.

i have a friend (best friend, even) that i could do anything with, that i could tell anything to. now i feel like i don't know him anymore. because he's found a girl and tells everything to her, does everything with her. but i know the second they break up i'll get a phone call. and that is both releiving and disappointing to know. that he can throw me aside when he feels like it but will also run to me the second something goes wrong.

and then i have a new(er) friend lauren who is dating(?) (sorry if i'm wrong on that one) an ex of mine,josh, and i'm really glad for both of them. i really don't even see him as an ex anymore, just a good friend. and she is an amazing girl. and i'll get to see them both more, so i'm glad for that change.

then i have a friend who seems completely obsessed with being the scenest person on the planet, but yet he doesn't even listen to hardcore or metal or go to shows. note to scenesters: the scene is all about the music. the music rules the scene. people go to shows to support the bands and venues out there making the effort to provide us with music. people listen to the music because they like the breakdowns, the screaming, the lyics, etc. or just want something new. if norma jean is your favorite hardcore band because you haven't bothered to listen to any other hardcore band, you are missing out.

then i have another friend moving to florida from tennessee. and i'm really excited because 1)i love florida and 2)this kid is one of the most awesome people i've met.
so i'm excited for road trips and hanging out with him.

and then there's tom, who really has assumed the new best friend role. we talk about everything and no secrets are kept (hopefully). i'm really glad he's around, not just because all my other friends are in college, but because he's a genuinely great person and i love hanging out with him, whether we're making fun of ashlee simspon in wal-mart or sitting on broken catamarans on the beach.

and then there's my new friends at loyola, whom i love to death. i was so scared of going to college and not knowing anyone, but i met some of the coolest people ever and i'm really excited to hang out with them soon.
i still miss my friends at other colleges, but it helps to have good friends here.

i'm through observing.
time to walk the dog.

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