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i guess it's not unfair if it's meant to be unfair

things i've learned in [insert used car salesman voice] JUST THE PAST 12 HOURS!!!

1)i don't like driving long distances 3 days in a row
2)i don't like it when large branches hit my car
3)i don't like it when my car breaks down
4)i don't like not having a car anymore
5) i don't like the chicken at wendy's
6)i do like arby's
7) i don't like the lyrics "you seem so out of context in this gaudy apartment complex"
8) i don't really like the postal service
9)i don't like constantly being tired
10)i do like getting sleep
11)i don't like it when people purposely make me feel uncomfortable
12)i like telling people how i really feel when it makes me feel better
13)i don't like telling people how i really feel when it hurts them
14)i don't like it when people steal my catchphrases (LAME-O)
15)i don't like interstate billboards that don't make sense (we buy cash!!!!....wtf?)
16)i don't like throwing all my money at texaco
17)i like finding pink floyd on vinyl in closets

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