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soon found out i had a heart of glass

well, i had an interesting past 2 days.
yesterday i went to stabucks with olivia, whom i haven't seen in forever. she gave me the sweetest present. it was a picture frame with a collage of pictures of us from over our high school years. it made me realize just how much i'm going to miss everyone.
anyway, i ordered a strawberries and creme frappuccino, and then realized i still can't drink through a straw. so it was a waste.
then david came in and we talked to him for a while.
then i went to get my hair cut and colored. i was getting so tired of dealing with long hair. and i pretty much just got the color touched up, but i really like it.
and then tonight i went out with ronnie, ashley, ryan, molly, and nealy, and we sat around and shot the breeze for a while. then we went into a sex shop. then we got ice cream. then we sat at a donut shop and laughed at the other people in there.
then we went to wal-mart.
tomorrow we're all going back to school, even though we don't have school.
isn't that lame?

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